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Traveler Conduct Policy

Remember, the resources that are part of a region belong to everyone and it is our duty to work towards their sustenance so that future generations can enjoy them too.

The Traveler Conduct Policy is set to establish standards for travelers to follow during their WanderNow trips. WanderNow believes in safe, responsible, respectful and enjoyable travel experiences for everyone. While compliance with the applicable laws of a region or destination are a mandate, travelers are expected to comply with the conduct policy for the safety, enjoyment and security of all.

WanderNow has profound respect for the values and cultures of every region and enthusiasm to give our guests an extraordinary experience. This combination keeps us focused on working towards creating happiness for the people and communities and this is achieved when we all keep a close eye on our conduct.

  • Respect everyone – fellow travelers, locals, WanderNow staff, service providers, the culture and the resources in the destinations you visit.
  • Follow your traditions and values, but do not let your biases offend others. Respect others’ values and beliefs too.
  • Refrain from entering a traveler’s room, unless invited.
  • Restrict yourself from using fellow traveler’s belongings without seeking permission.
  • Ask before you click pictures. Photographs make memories but it is against the interests and norms of certain cultures to click pictures of a person.
  • Abusive or violent behaviour is intolerable and any complaint regarding the same may lead to end of the tour or expulsion from it. Offensive, abusive or threatening language, uncalled physical contact, harassment, vandalism, solicitation, fake identities, possession of illegal substances/items or any other illegal or offensive conduct is against WanderNow’s policies.
  • Consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs must be at your own risk. Travelers will be responsible for their actions at all times. Excessive consumption of alcohol that poses a risk to fellow travelers, WanderNow staff or you at risk will lead to removal from tour. Travelers using illegal substances are subject to prosecution under the applicable law and will be expelled from the tour.
  • Any threat to safety and security or any concerns thereof, must be reported to the WanderNow staff immediately for a resolution. Delay in reporting it may delay addressing and handling of the situation.
  • Do not swim or participate in water activities without guidance, under the influence of alcohol, or after sundown regardless of your abilities in swimming.
  • Be responsible. Say no to businesses or service that utilize child labour or are against child welfare. Restrict yourself from sexual tourism of any kind.
  • Respect the place and region you are visiting. The holy and significant places of a particular region are sacred for the locals. Adhere to dress codes, code of conduct, photography policies, be mindful of noise levels and respect the personal space of people at all times.
  • Following the dress code of the region you are visiting will help you blend better with the locals and call for better hospitality. Dress appropriately while visiting monuments, rural and remote areas and sacred places.
  • Be an ecological tourist. Avoid disposable water bottles, plastic bags, littering. Do not remove or damage artifacts or historical objects at places you are visiting, do not remove objects from environmental sites and avoid handing over gifts, sweets, or money to discourage begging.


If any traveler fails to adhere to the WanderNow policies and poses a concern to the security, safety and comfort of other travelers, WanderNow reserves the rights to remove the traveler from the tour with immediate effect. WanderNow will also report such incidents to the local authorities and support legal actions thereof.

Travelers expelled from tours due to such incidents or non-adherence to policies will need to bear all costs related to removal including transportation back home. No refunds for the trip will be issued on account of removal due violation of Traveler Conduct Policy.

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