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Not a tour operator, nor a travel agency. WanderNow is an experience planning company. We plan trips and exclusive vacations. We orchestrate everything that forms a part of an iconic and customized trip – hotels, guides, transfers, special activities, restaurant reservations, special celebrations and everything you can think of during your vacation. We are not just planners but researchers, consultants, editors, connectors and even facilitators of your dream trip or vacation. WanderNow trips are a fine blend of the perfect ingredients for a memorable trip – people, places and activities which we carefully select by experiencing the experience ourselves.

Our focus is to make an amalgamation of your request and our expert offerings to ensure that your trip is the right fit to your personality, taste and style. We start our Trip planning process with getting to know you, and follow all the necessary steps. Once you are happy not just satisfied with the plan we have chalked out, we fine tune it to act an extra sizzle to your trip. We add a new flavour matching your travel taste buds to every experience we provide you so that you come back home, eager to plan your next journey with us.

Welcome to an enriching world of Experiential Travel which will alter the way you see and experience things – Welcome to WanderNow. Inbound tourism is at an all-time peak but there is also a fast drift towards creating exclusive experiences and not just travel plans. The industry has created a need for inspiring, customized, authentic, back to the roots form of travel and trips. This uplifting shift of the travelers who now are bitten by the wanderlust bug is what led to the conceptualization of WanderNow to cater to the needs, demands, desires and even some fantasies of the discerning travelers.

We take pride in moving away from the standard tourist plans to experiential travel- which offers tailor-made journeys that are stimulating and soul-stirring. It’s a thin line between following an itinerary and living it, between not just doing things but living them. Our trips aim to engage and immerse you in the authentic culture and soul of the place you are visiting – heritage, lifestyle, customs and traditions, cuisine, history and the people.

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Good things come at a premium and so do custom trips. It’s exactly the same way a branded item differs from a fake look-alike one. We offer you tailor-made trips which means we work from ground zero with all our energy which takes both time and hardwork. We do not have fixed itineraries because we design a trip as you would want it. What WanderNow offers is expertise, ground work and a boutique trip.

Our services are a buildup of these three factors and if you are looking for just one of them, or none, we may not be the right fit. If you appreciate service, if you find value in someone else doing all the efforts and serving it to you on a platter that too a silver one, if you are a stickler for a seamless and stress-free travel experience, then the WanderNow trip premium might seem like a bargain to you.

We are Unconventional and aim to offer you tailor-made, personalized and experiential trips and holidays that are crafted as per your interests, ideas, schedules and budget. Our holidays can be customized for the solo travelers, couples, group of friends or family or even like-minded travelers who are strangers to each other. And because we are as enthusiastic as you, about your trip, our travel plans are unforgettable and life-enriching.

Even if you don’t realise, every traveler is different. This is precisely why we do not have travel plans off our shelves. We are “Experiential Travel Designers” offering tailor-made experiences by adding creativity in your itineraries. We listen, and engage with you to understand your expectations and then guide you through the travel plan, we are happy to offer you some inspiration for your trip too if you are eager to try something different or have no clue about which location you’d like to make memories in.

We then design your “Experiential Journey” with expert guides, private transfers, distinctive accommodation and some locale exploring for making memories. These premium experiences have a premium value attached. We are not the cheapest travel operators but you will not have to break your bank either. We offer value for your money through our attention to detail, focus on commitments, and enthusiasm to give you an experience of a lifetime.

We are real people not just websites and chat boxes. We have personal and real connections with expert travel designers across the world. They are not just consultants but our team and their local knowledge, research, passion for travel, accolades, and the ability to design exclusive holidays is what gives them an edge over others.

When you associate with us, we open the gates of distinctive information to the world of travel. Our travel designers have already done the homework of all the extraordinary things you can do at a location or in a region. We expect you to leave the hassles of bookings and transfers, the haggling with guides and reading thousands of blogs to know about exclusive experience, to us. We’d like you to invest your energies and enthusiasm during your trip and not while planning for it.

Our holidays come in all sizes and shapes, whether you want to venture to an emerging unexplored location or just uncover surprises in an established one, we offer a wide spectrum of choices for the traveler’s soul and quest. We do not offer pre-designed packages but aim at providing you everything you can imagine under the roof of “Experiential Travel”.

We believe that the accommodation during your trip is a significant part of your experiential journey which is why we have partnered and connected with the leading names in hospitality and even transport and aviation to make your travel smooth. We have joined hands with the finest names in the industry just so that you get true to life experiences in not just luxurious but characteristic accommodations.

Our clients appreciate and expect finer things in life. So while they are eager to explore the adventure, exert and tire themselves out with everything that the exclusive and true to life experiential trips have to offer, they want to come back to comfort when they hit the sack. We take this seriously and ensure that they get the best possible comforts that a destination has to offer.

Having said that, what distinguishes Experiential travel from the regular vacation is that even though the accommodation in some of the remote, offbeat locations may not fit the tangible definition of luxury, when combined with the overall experience, it’ll show you how the intangible aspects like peace, quiet, tranquilty, and nature can make the discerning travel in you exhilarated.

Experiential travel is a high-end experience and not just luxury travel. So instead of investing our energies and your money in lavish hotels and mode of transport, we focus on offering you lavish experiences with nature without compromising on providing comfortable travel, accommodation, transfers and everything else that goes in making a journey worthwhile.

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  • K. A. Muraleedharan : Former Director, All India Radio
  • Jacob Cherian : Managing Director, Ausker Group, Australia
  • Adv. N. Ramdas : Legal Consultant, Qatar/London

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