Why WanderNow?

Not yet another tour company.

We have a sense of region. We transcend from the appearance and delve into the experience. We are fueled by the idea that life is short and while you are busy cramming many things too quickly, you need to engage all your senses and not just sight when you travel. We venture beyond just food and accommodation, we help you dig deeper for inner relief and rejuvenation.

The discount obsessed society is not our focus, because it is worth and not the price that is valued. Nature has a lot to offer for the discerning traveler – features to distract and reward with the beauty, cognitive stimulation to the senses, joy, vitality and much more.

We aim to give you an enduring life-time experience and find value in character, individuality and above all humanity. Our trips are designed around the mantra of Carpe Diem, seek an immersive connection with the primal values away from the distressed world.

You’ve indulged in cocktail bars, resorts, food and wine and pampering, it’s time to experience deeper indulgence in humanity, culture, place, people and nature. Get moved by desire, pause in solitude, enjoy the dynamic involvement of the locals, elevate travel to another level with us!

What is Experiential Travel?

It’s all about experience!

Experiential travel is moving a step ahead of just sightseeing and immersing oneself in the moment to become a part of an exclusive experience. The travel experience engages and engrosses you in a way that you are not just rejuvenated but enriched at a deeper level. The instant connection with character of the place helps you calm your sense only to rediscover the inner you.

Why Experiential Travel Journeys?

It’s not about sightseeing!

  • Commitment, focus and capability to offer experiential travel, private journeys and hand crafted holidays.
  • Personal relationships with local travel experts, enthusiasts and specialists for crafting life-enhancing holidays and global connections.
  • Our global connections to provide exclusive services of local guides, Hotels, Resorts, Retreats, Cruises, Private Yachts, and all types of reliable and suitable transport providers.
  • Our aim is to design individual experiences and not just group tours. Thus, what you receive is a personal touch and impeccable attention to every detail of your experiential travel experience.
  • We focus on inspiring you to travel not tour, explore not visit and discover the world with a traveller’s vision.
  • Our holidays go beyond the regular run-of-the-mill experiences. You can explore remote, exotic, exclusive and offbeat options. Every destination or nature’s creation that needs to be experienced will be on our list sooner than later. Our aim is to not just follow travel destination trends but create new ones.
  • Focus on understanding and matching to client’s needs and not designing mass appealing packages. We think outside the box to give you exclusive experiences while keeping customer satisfaction as a top priority.
  • We deliver Value through our exceptional services, attention to detail, expertise in experiential travel and commitment to provide you value for your money and TIME.

Our Trip Planning Process

Real luxury is customization.

The quintessential phone call/mail

It’s a tete-e-tete to understand you better and help you understand us. Once we know your travel style, your spirit and your expectations from the trip, we figure if our services are the right fit for your travel needs.

Destination and Dates

You often have a place in your mind and the dates too. Sometimes, you want to just wander to an unexplored or unheard of destination. Either way, we are ready to brainstorm some interesting ideas to help you narrow down your destination and dates. And if you decide to give us the reigns to plan your journey, we’ll take some personal information and start planning it for you.

Trip Architecture

We are not just planners we are travel architects. In this step, we figure out the rough sketch of your trip. From the type of hotels that match your needs and style, order of places to be covered, time spent at each place, places to be experienced and activities to be done, transport, flights and other logistics – we cover it all. At the end of this, we will share with you an accurate but basic framework of your trip along with an approximate price.

The exciting part

You know where and how you are going, but what exactly are you going to do there? We’ll give you plethora of options of excursions, activities and experiences that suit your style and personality. We won’t tire you with endless sightseeings or activities nor leave you sitting in the hotel room watching TV. This is your trip, and we will plan it as you like it, with our inspirations and ideas thrown in. Once we decide this, we’ll make the tentative arrangements.

Fine Tune

This is the stage where we confirm the trip and bookings. However, you will still have the liberty to alter your activities plans. If you want to skip that kayaking trip and switch it with a trek or just spend some more time on the house boat or in the spa, we’ll gladly adjust the arrangements and add it to your plan with price changes applicable, if any. We will send you the itinerary and collect the payment once you have just 90 days before the start of your trip.

Get your Itinerary

A few weeks or days before your departure, depending on how early you booked your trip, we will mail you the itinerary in both paper and electric form. This travel document will contain every small piece of information you need to know – contact numbers, confirmation numbers, daily trip details and few special tips to blend with the local culture. We will once again review the itinerary with you through email or phone to check if everything is as per your desire. And if you find the need to make some small tweaks to the plans, we’ll accommodate that request too.

Hit the Road

It’s finally time to live the experience and focus on the fun. Your itinerary will keep you informed of how your day is planned and you will have our attention at each step too. We are just a phone call away for any assistance you need while making your memories and till you return back home.

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