Experiential Stays

There's a experiential stay for everyone.

Backwater Stays

By the Riversides!

Backwaters in the backdrop, undeniably spectacular ambience, creative cuisine – all amidst the draperies of lush greenery is a sight and experience to behold. Begin your mornings with tea by the waters, an indulgent Kerala massage and proceed to a traditional ‘Sadya’ lunch on banana leaf; walk on the shore in the evenings or enjoy filter coffee and conversations. The backwaters, sunset and you – who said three is a crowd.

Beach Stays

Sunshine and the Beach!

Sun, sand and the sea – if that’s what defines you, revel in the music of the playful waves that amuse your feet every time you step out for a walk from your cottage. Watch the sun paint the sky in different hues and the ever changing sea in the backdrop of swaying palm trees. Go sunbathe, practice yoga, build sandcastles, drive on the beach, or enjoy beach sports – you’re certainly spoilt for choices.


Into the wild!

A prescription for dealing with anxiety or city boredom, camping is a joy in its own right. It has obviously evolved from building tents out of tarps and poles to better packed camps or glamping – for those who want luxury combined with wilderness. Camping is an excuse to stare at the stars, to go to bed early, to escape from the pressures of modern life and flee to the lap of nature.

Farm Stays

The farm life!

Unpolluted locales that preach sustainability, peaceful retreats, plush green fields and your own little Farmville when you wake up. Breathe in pure, take some time away from the grind and break from the usual hotel check-ins to experience the rural farm stay. Feed animals, collect eggs, attend harvest festivals – these trips make for a family-focused, interactive experience offering you eco-friendly, organic and refreshing getaways.

Hill Station Stays

Up the hill!

Mountains are the beginning and end of all scenery and you cannot deny that. Escape the heat of the lowlands and head for the tranquil hills where the mist clouds up the backyard revealing streaks of sunlight that caress you. The mysterious call of birds just outside your window for a quick chat, and stumbling upon a delicious morning view. Hill stations have the power to cool your senses and warm your soul.


Home on the ripples!

Imagine waking up to the gentle lapping of water as your houseboat sails through the palm-fringed backwaters? Or watching the sunset amidst the lagoons draped with lush green plantations? Or watching the stars illuminate the sky with their reflection in the water around you? This sight is yours, the moment is yours and it will stay etched in your soul forever. A sunbath deck, an open sit out, traditional cuisine are all calling you.

Jungle Stays

For the love of Forest!

Get a new perspective of the jungles and the creatures that call it their home. Jungle stays give you a new eye – witness the forest as your floor, come to close quarters with the different bird species and primates, walk among the (name different types of trees that can be spotted in Kerala) and understand what real adventure is with a naturalist guide leading you.

Plantation Stays

Lost in little leaves!

Sip on the fine wine, pluck tea leaves, smell the coffee, watch golden sunrises and breathe in the unadulterated air in a cosy colonial stay overlooking plantations. Take a walk in the unending stretches of picturesque tea and coffee plantations and de-stress in your rustic haven. Friendly hosts and rustling winds welcome you to this experience where you know that your morning tea or coffee has come straight from the source.

Treehouse Stays

A day back in time!

Evergreen rows of tall trees, the symphony of crickets and quaintly bedecked room on top of tree for a 360 degree view of the forest. Get a higher perspective of things in the jungle while you slide into slumber in a wooden log cottage nestled in nature’s lap. Fancier than the cardboard stapled treehouse in your backyard or one from the fairytales, these stay experiences awaken your inner child.

Village Stays

In the heart of a village!

The tranquility and discipline of a village life is something of a nostalgia to a lot of us. Village homestays in Kerala are all about revisiting those memories. Immerse in the feeling of homecoming as you tread through streams or rivers, walk through the narrow paths to experience the charming and hospitable communities in close quarters. This trip will create a lifestyle experience that is different from what you have ever imagined.

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