Experiential Trips

There's an experiential trip for everyone.

Own, Enjoy, Leave

Not just a trip!

Jaunt off to a private island or a cozy homestay amongst lush plantations or camp in a forest or by the backwaters – this holiday belongs to you and ONLY YOU. Swing on a hammock, sun bathe, or swim in your own private pool that expands into a lake. Glide in a canoe or go kayaking, or just soak in the greenery while sipping the refreshing coconut water – Make memories while you enjoy each bit and leave with them.

Live Like A Local

Not just a trip!

For a real sense of the local culture and its inhabitants, it is best to blend with them. And there can’t be a better way than living like one. Transcend to a warm, welcoming and friendly neighbourhood and live among the locals – take cooking lessons or just absorb the nuances of everyday life of the locals. This trip will leave you with an incredible understanding of Kerala and its life.

WanderNow Classics

Not just a trip!

In a world full of trends, go for the classics! When classic teams up with contemporary, you witness a unique experience. Candlelight dinners transform to Moonlight dinners, a night of clubbing is replaced with a night under the stars or a silent evening of solitude by the beach. Go on an offbeat culinary journey with ancient methods of cooking or make a difference to the society, your choices are endless and options eternal, just like a classic.

Trails & Greenways

Not just a trip!

Open your mind to the world of knowledge through travel. Delve beyond the surface of the tourist locations and regions to explore the wealth of learning that each place has to offer. Visit unexplored, virgin sites, get hands-on learning opportunities with local artisans, understand communities and how they have evolved through cultural trails trips. These trips are built around a common goal – learning and enrichment.

Corporate Journeys

Not just a trip!

A few team building games, a party – traditional corporate trips are just passé. Try a motivational and wellness escape for your team, or explore their adventurous streak with exhilarating treks, or steer away from the digital world and explore a new region in your own country, corporate journeys are all about being different. Reward your team with an experience, not just getaways and recreational activities.

Wellness Journeys

Not just a trip!

Go for some soul surfing during this trip. Feed your soul with meditation, engage in specialized yoga practices, de-stress with traditional massages and treat your taste buds with clean and healthy food. Renew yourself in luxurious surroundings, opt for holistic therapies to oil your inner engineering, and explore the path to the gate of inner peace by resting in the lap of Mother Nature. This trip will help you create a better relationship with the ‘inner you’.

Private Journeys

Not just a trip!

If striking out on your own is your thing, you are a solo traveler. No rush, no hurry, no worries. Forge your own path, discover new surroundings unfiltered by prejudices of fellow travelers, and indulge yourself fully. Or go back to your roots, trace your lineage or ancestry – there’s much more to private journeys than you can imagine. Leave the perils of private journeys to us and chalk a new experience.

Scheduled Journeys

Not just a trip!

These are designed to leave the traveler transformed. Capitalise on the opportunity to share your travel experiences with other likeminded travelers, trek through the gorgeous hills or soak your spirit in the silent walks for spectacular sunsets and stunning panoramic views. Walk across gushing waterfalls and mesmerizing mountains while bonding with your group or getting rubbed in with their enthusiasm and viewing nature from another’s perspective. This trip will broaden your horizons.

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