Giving Back

We Give Back Wherever & Whenever We Can

Buy A Trip, Give A Trip

It’s for those without vacations!

Trips create memories of a lifetime. And giving one makes you an integral part of those memories. At WanderNow, we help you experience the incredible opportunity to help local youth or children travel to places they have only heard of. With every trip you buy, you have the chance to gift a trip or a part of it. We partner with local NGOs and create travel plans for the children and you can partner with us by gifting the entire experience or the stay, travel, or the excursion.

Community Development

Protect your environment and make it a better place.

In a quest to thank the communities for welcoming us with open arms during every experiential trip, we include community engagement in our itineraries. We encourage our guests to share their knowledge, experiences and expertise to educate and uplift the local community.

WanderNow believes in the ability of tourism to empower people. WanderNow has tried to blend authentic cultural interactions with the locals to bring you close to the roots and essence of a region and enrich you with an understanding of life on the other side of the fence while helping the locals grow.

Women Empowerment

You can do a lot to empower women.

Along with economic empowerment, we aim at empowering women psychologically too because women empowerment encompasses improving the social, economic and educational strength of women. WanderNow aims to make every trip an opportunity to improve local lives. During our trips, many of our guests have assisted us in promoting activities focused on women empowerment by visiting the various women self-help groups. We are proud to include such activities in our itinerary to make our trips more fulfilling.


Give back something to the nature on each trip.

To make the planet a greener and better place, we bring back the ancient way of propagating plants from seeds. It is a guerrilla way of spreading greenery and conservation. During every trip, we give seedballs to all our guests and request them to throw it at the pre-identified places during their travel. We even plant a tree for each of our guests who travel to Kerala.

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