Wellness Journeys

Go for some soul surfing during this trip. Feed your soul with meditation, engage in specialized yoga practices, de-stress with traditional massages and treat your taste buds with clean and healthy food.


The Science of Natural Rejuvenation!

For how many years have you been living in concrete jungles? Perhaps you wake up to the blare of horns of vehicles in the neighborhood. Every day you encounter dust, smoke and exhaust. You end up feeling exhausted all the time with one busy day rolling into the next in an unending, meaningless way. That’s the time to reconnect with nature and go for a stretch of ‘Forest Bathing’.

Bhuta Shuddhi

Classical Yoga

To enrich your life!

Aims at bringing deep yogic science for one’s physical, mental and ultimate well-being closer to them. Spend a day at a beautiful resort. Do Yoga. Meditate. Enjoy yogic diet. Relax. Rejuvenate.

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