Tales of Vembanad

An Experiential Trip - On a land journey and On a water tour

  • Land Journey Experiences : Traditional breakfast, Tender coconut, Local Temple, Canoeing, Paddy field, Village walk, Coir factory, Traditional home, Folk music, Local Shop, Traditional lunch, Women self help groups, Fishing, Milking of cow, Evening snacks, Tuk-tuk, Clam processing, Coconut leaf weaving
  • Water Tour Experiences : Shikara cruise, Traditional breakfast, Toddy tapping, Remote backwater islands, Clam picking, Toddy shop, Canoeing, Traditional fishing, Village walk, Ancient church, Banyan tree temple, Floating local shops
  • Add-Ons Available : Ayurveda, Yoga, Kathakali, Kalaripayattu (Martial Art), House Boat, Rural Gastronomy Tour
  • Featured In : Lonely Planet, The Hindu, The New Indian Express, The Times of India, Bangalore Mirror, Malayala Manorama

A land of warm and friendly people. An experience never to be forgotten.

Take a journey from one end of the state of Kerala to the other. You will be captivated by the sights the state has in store for you. Kerala is profoundly magical not just because of its sun-kissed beaches, the misty hill stations, vibrant festivals and the greenery everywhere. It is also a land of warm and friendly people. And all these together promise a new experience for every visitor on every visit.

Much of the glory of a ‘village trip’ would lie in exploring and experiencing the local regions in their true essence. The people you encounter on a walk through the paddy fields and farms, on the beaches and pathways or at the markets and eateries can become your local storyteller. They are people who will become your friends too.

WanderNow offers such ‘experiential trips’ for the traveller in you. When you disembark at each village, you will feel like walking through it. A day in Alappuzha district, cradled by the vast Lake Vembanad and beckoning across the waters, will turn out to be the experience of a lifetime. ‘Tales of Vembanad’ as we fondly call our travel package, doesn’t have any pre-scheduled itinerary.

on a land journey

You can catch the outline of the place if you simply walk through it. The paddy fields can be green and then brown and bustling for the harvest, at Onam, the harvest festival. Take a break to taste the famous ‘kallu’ or toddy, watch the toddy tappers collect it from the coconut tree’s flower stem, and relish its sweet taste.

Go for a leisurely meal as memorable as the views. Among the world’s culinary traditions, Kerala’s cuisine stands out. Alappuzha offers a variety of food, with lots of local eateries. Sample the iconic breakfast dish ‘puttu’ with ‘kadala curry’. Have a wholesome sadya or traditional meal on a plantain leaf. In the evening, in a coconut grove, enjoy a cup of tea with ‘ela ada’, a mouth-watering snack made of rice and jaggery, steamed inside a plantain leaf. Anything and everything you taste here will have its own distinct Kerala flavour. In between you can drop in at the local shops, try the tiny bananas, or have tender coconut juice.

Walk through the narrow village roads and witness the spectacular sight of lighting of lamps at the local temple at evening.

on a water tour

Alappuzha’s reputation as a tourist destination stems from its multitude of waterways. A water trip takes you to unique landscapes and charms, including traditional villages. We have designed ‘a day on Shikara boat’ for you to keep you enthralled through Vembanad lake.

You can try fishing during the ride, stop to admire the village and its community life, and visit the magnificent old church and the Banyan tree temple on the shores of the backwaters. Folk music such as Edakka, Pulluvan pattu and Vanchipattu; Toddy tapping and traditional fishing methods are all not to be missed experiences.

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